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Save Days, if not Weeks, on Your Next Magento Upgrade with the MageUpdate Extension

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Magento Certified
Built by a Magento Certified Developer

Instant Staging Clone
Generate a staging clone of your site to test the upgrade.

Money-back Guarantee
With a 30 day money-back guarantee, why not try it out?

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How Does it Work?

MageUpdate is an extension that's currently in development, which will help Magento merchants and developers save tons of time on their next upgrade.

  • One-click download of upgrade Magento source code. Quickly upgrade your Magento site without having to go hunting for the latest source code.
  • Instant staging site. If you don't have a staging environment, don't worry about it. With MageUpdate, you'll be able to create a copy of your Magento site with a single click. This will give you a safe place to test out the upgrade process without any impact to your site.
  • Instantly test your database upgrade. With a single click, test whether or not your database will upgrade without any problems - all from within your staging environment, so that your live site will never go down.
  • Detect core code modifications. One of the biggest sources of problems with upgrades by far are when you have modifications made to your core Magento files, and you unknowingly overwrite those changes when you upgrade. Never have that happen again with the MageUpdate code modification detection.
  • Detect 3rd party code modifications. Detect modifications made also to 3rd party extensions, so that you don't lose any modifications made to them either.


The price for this extension will likely be between $49.99 and $99.99.


I'm Kalen Jordan - a Magento-loving developer, based out of sunny Pasadena, CA. By day I'm a Lead Platform Engineer with Sweet Tooth, and by night I've got a few side projects keeping me busy. Friend-Gated Promotions and are two that I'm working on currently.

You can generally find me blathering on about something on twitter (@kalenjordan).

Frequently Asked Questions

How will MageUpdate detect changes made to 3rd party modules?

MageUpdate will allow you to upload original copies of the 3rd party extensions that you purchased and installed in your site. Using these original copies as a base, it will compare your current code base to detect any changes that may have been made.

Are you available to perform the upgrades themselves?

Primarily, my focus is on developing the extension to assist people with performing the upgrades themselves, but you can contact me if you have an upgrade you'd like some help with.

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